Georgia Queen

May I present:

From our recent travels, a picture taken in Savannah, GA. We had a fun ride, and the lunch from thee snack bar was actually decent!



Something new has been added…

We’ve been busy lately, with lots of traveling…and I wear leggings or capris, blouses, with sandals (showing my white toe nails) or white slip-on Keds, with a purse (like all the other girls.) In the heavily-populated men’s rooms, I get occasional stares, and/or comments like “Ma’am, this is the men’s room!” My reply: “I use the urinal just like you, Sir.” Which ends the discussion.

Lately, at places where the restrooms are known to be “one-holers,” I’ve used the women’s room on more than one occasion. Notably, at the hair and nail salons, and gas stations They’re more comfortable than the men’s room – the floor and toilet don’t have pee all over them, and paper towels are all in the trash can, not on the floor. And the door lock works properly. Accordingly, I respect that neatness, and sit for both bodily functions. “Leave no trace.”

Same goes for some state and national parks. But this will work only in the “off” seasons…don’t want to be stuck in a line of women waiting their turn! (Though it could be interesting!)

But I have yet to try the multi-stall women’s rooms! Those are for another day….



More girl talk…

Not sure how, but this post worked….sorry I’ve had so many problems posting. Maybe I can even keep this blog going, though that remains to be seen. Life has been so busy lately – though not in a bad way…it just gets in the way of computer time!

Not long ago I had a nail appointment. These are usually extremely affirming, and this one was no different.

While I was in the pedicure chair, the tech and I had occasional “spurts” of girl talk, but she knew one of the other clients, and they were also talking. At one point, a different tech’s customer came in (a 50something female) while her chair was still occupied, whose acrylic nails needed removed and replaced, which requires a period of time soaking one’s fingers in acetone. So my tech had her sit at the second chair at her workstation and got her started soaking, leaving her primary chair free for me.

When my pedi was done, I shuffled to her primary chair in my blue paper pedicure thongs, with toe separators still in place and fresh polish on all 10 toes, just like the other girls! That keeps the polish I have to wear over the acrylic protecting my toes from smudging. And the conversation began…with exchanging first names, retirement status (do our hubbies still work), how many kids we have, how old are they, how many grandkids, and so on. Typical girl stuff.. So much fun!

We chattered on and on about just about anything and everything until – alas – my tech finished me up. We both hope to one day soon meet again at the salon…and the tech says if it happens, she’ll try to arrange for us to sit together again! That would be so nice!

Definitely an affirmation…love it!



Georgia on my mind…

Wifey and I recently made a recent sightseeing excursion into Georgia. Needless to say, we had a great time!

With cooler weather in place, as we were packing she made sure that my wardrobe included gray and brown conventional leggings, coordinated tunic tops, black tights, two pairs of tan stirrup leggings, my tan capris and white sandals, and a long black boatneck tunic with 3/4 length sleeves. “Depending on the weather and where we might go for dinner, capris and sandals could be more appropriate.” And then, much to my surprise – out came my flats. “Since the forecast is for rain, I don’t want your sandals to be ruined.”   That was a surprise; I was expecting to have to wear my sandals the whole time! (In warmer weathee, that wouldn’t be an issue for me…)

Sightseeing is fun. However, one thing we noticed: many streets/sidewalks in the historic areas of Savannah were “original brick, or cobblestones.” And as illustration, the picture shows one of the many similar hazards we faced:

While everyone’s ‘tourist instinct” is to look at sights as you walk, it’s not always a good plan. We both twisted ankles a couple of times! Yes, there were many missing or uneven bricks/cobblestones. And sandals could have been a disaster with my toenails being exposed to damage. But despite the rough walking, it was a fabulous visit.

Our entire visit was in the Savannah and Stone Mountain areas, and we were generally addressed as ladies. That was in spite of the fact that I didn’t even have occasion to wear my capris and sandals! Stirrup leggings and flats were no issue to passers-by, many of whom (mainly girls) wore them.

However, there was one unusual incident – something which hasn’t ever happened before. After dark (and aftee a nice dinner), on the way back to the hotel a klutzy guy was sitting with his girlfriend at one of the many outside cafes along the river (yes, it was a relatively safe area) and spilled his drink just as I came up beside him. (Wifey and I were walking single-file due to traffic on the narrow 2-way walkway.) No, he didn’t splash me. But he stood up and apologized to me profusely, humiliating himself in front of his girl with the way he went on and on, including endearing terms such as “sweetie.” At one point I truly believed he might put his arm around me and kiss me as he apologized. But thankfully, he only took my hand in his and put his other hand around my shoulder! I can only imagine what would have happened had he not been with his girlfriend!! That could have developed into a big problem, because Wifey was rightr behind me.

Fortunately nothing happened, nor was it brought up – other than a bit of joking about his klutziness, and laughing about my having held hands with a boy! (Wonder if his girlfriend realized I wasn’t what he thought I was?) Goes to show you that we never know what adventure will happen, or when.

All-in-all though, it was a fun trip!



Nails…around kids

i’ve been wearing longer nails for quite a while now, and have wondered if the granddaughters noticed them (yet), as nothing has been said.

Well, you can rest assured that they have! Our 23 month old granddaughter often checks out my nails every time we visit. Occasionally she begins her afternoon nap in my arms (while we are both seated in a rocking chair – she loves being rocked). And she invariably falls asleep rubbing my long, smooth finger nails with her little fingers!

More interestingly, the older granddaughter has asked about “your long nails” several times…most recently asking if they’re real, or are artificial nails glued on to make them very long, like her teacher has, and has shown her. I assured her that all ten are my real nails, but with a strengthening coating on top. She wonders how long I’ll grow them…she told me that “I’ve seen some that are this long!’ (And she demonstrated about an inch and a half.) I told her “I’d love to wear them that long. But they’ll get shorter when they start to get in the way.”

Then one day she pointed out an imperfection in one of the nails…(a budding nail connoisseur?) The subject got changed, as it often does. But the next morning, she had painted hers pastel blue. Wonder when she’ll ask to paint mine? More importantly, should I let her? (She needs the practice!)

IMHO someday she’s going to be wearing gorgeous long manicured nails!



What a surprise!

Just visited the salon for the re-scheduled fill. And the result is;

Surprisingly, my tech actually decided to shorten them just a bit, to compensate for some small imperfections in the free edges, and to clean up visible dark areas visible on the underside of two different nails, the result of previous leaks. “They’re now all the same length again, and femininely-shaped, just like they should be on every pretty lady. So you should only expect fills for the next few months! Everyone will love your pretty longer nails! That’ll make learning to type with them completely worthwhile…many girls type well, and wear contact lenses, with nails longer than yours. You’ll be one of them… “

I guess I will!!!



Hqppy 2023! And…Hard to believe

May you all have a healthy and prosperous New Year!

While getting into the car last week, I finally took a good look at how long my nails have become, under the care of my very professional nail tech here in TN. They’re much longer than they’ve ever been, and I’m lovin’ it! With their pretty pink color on the top side, there’s no way any casual observer would think of them as anything but a woman’s nails.

My most recent appointment for a fill had to be changed on account of the tech’s family issues, but it was rescheduled for the end of the week. I figure I’ll inquire whether it may be time to shorten them a bit, to even them up, help make typing more accurate, and make handling my contact lenses easier.

We’ll see what she says!


An interesting…

but short…discussion took place recently with a 30something male service technician who visited the house. This rep was writing up the paperwork for an appliance repair. As he discussed it with me, I absent-mindedly pointed a long-pink-nailed finger to a section in which I needed clarification.

Bear in mind that I was wearing gray leggings, a black long-sleeve turtleneck tunic and black ballet flats, with bare ankles, no jewelry, and carrying my small crossbody bag which serves as my phone and camera case. (My phone goes with me everywhere, as I use it to capture my daily step count.). Fortunately, Wifey was in the other room and did not hear or participate in this exchange!

It began with my “pointing” gesture to a feature on a section of a document hem was completing. He explained the section to me, and then: “Those are gorgeous nails, Ma’am.” “Thanks!” ‘How long has it taken you to grow them? or are they artificial?” “No, they’re my real nails, reinforced with acrylic and gel top coat. Getting them to this length has taken about a year…” “When did you begin your transition?” I explained that this is my appearance all the time and has been for years – but I haven’t “transitioned” legally.

So he asked “But your name?” “Just lucky I guess – a family “given” name from way back. Yes, it’s now a girl’s name, but hasn’t been changed. Like Leslie, Robyn, Madison, and so on. I hear mothers call my name in stores, and when the kid becomes visible, it’s always a girl! So my name and my appearance now match.” “Good for you, Ma’am!” And then, we finished the official business.

After that, I was “Ma’am” and Wifey and I were “ladies” for the rest of the visit. A wonderful feeling!