Nails…around kids

i’ve been wearing longer nails for quite a while now, and have wondered if the granddaughters noticed them (yet), as nothing has been said.

Well, you can rest assured that they have! Our 23 month old granddaughter often checks out my nails every time we visit. Occasionally she begins her afternoon nap in my arms (while we are both seated in a rocking chair – she loves being rocked). And she invariably falls asleep rubbing my long, smooth finger nails with her little fingers!

More interestingly, the older granddaughter has asked about “your long nails” several times…most recently asking if they’re real, or are artificial nails glued on to make them very long, like her teacher has, and has shown her. I assured her that all ten are my real nails, but with a strengthening coating on top. She wonders how long I’ll grow them…she told me that “I’ve seen some that are this long!’ (And she demonstrated about an inch and a half.) I told her “I’d love to wear them that long. But they’ll get shorter when they start to get in the way.”

Then one day she pointed out an imperfection in one of the nails…(a budding nail connoisseur?) The subject got changed, as it often does. But the next morning, she had painted hers pastel blue. Wonder when she’ll ask to paint mine? More importantly, should I let her? (She needs the practice!)

IMHO someday she’s going to be wearing gorgeous long manicured nails!




What a surprise!

Just visited the salon for the re-scheduled fill. And the result is;

Surprisingly, my tech actually decided to shorten them just a bit, to compensate for some small imperfections in the free edges, and to clean up visible dark areas visible on the underside of two different nails, the result of previous leaks. “They’re now all the same length again, and femininely-shaped, just like they should be on every pretty lady. So you should only expect fills for the next few months! Everyone will love your pretty longer nails! That’ll make learning to type with them completely worthwhile…many girls type well, and wear contact lenses, with nails longer than yours. You’ll be one of them… “

I guess I will!!!



Hqppy 2023! And…Hard to believe

May you all have a healthy and prosperous New Year!

While getting into the car last week, I finally took a good look at how long my nails have become, under the care of my very professional nail tech here in TN. They’re much longer than they’ve ever been, and I’m lovin’ it! With their pretty pink color on the top side, there’s no way any casual observer would think of them as anything but a woman’s nails.

My most recent appointment for a fill had to be changed on account of the tech’s family issues, but it was rescheduled for the end of the week. I figure I’ll inquire whether it may be time to shorten them a bit, to even them up, help make typing more accurate, and make handling my contact lenses easier.

We’ll see what she says!


An interesting…

but short…discussion took place recently with a 30something male service technician who visited the house. This rep was writing up the paperwork for an appliance repair. As he discussed it with me, I absent-mindedly pointed a long-pink-nailed finger to a section in which I needed clarification.

Bear in mind that I was wearing gray leggings, a black long-sleeve turtleneck tunic and black ballet flats, with bare ankles, no jewelry, and carrying my small crossbody bag which serves as my phone and camera case. (My phone goes with me everywhere, as I use it to capture my daily step count.). Fortunately, Wifey was in the other room and did not hear or participate in this exchange!

It began with my “pointing” gesture to a feature on a section of a document hem was completing. He explained the section to me, and then: “Those are gorgeous nails, Ma’am.” “Thanks!” ‘How long has it taken you to grow them? or are they artificial?” “No, they’re my real nails, reinforced with acrylic and gel top coat. Getting them to this length has taken about a year…” “When did you begin your transition?” I explained that this is my appearance all the time and has been for years – but I haven’t “transitioned” legally.

So he asked “But your name?” “Just lucky I guess – a family “given” name from way back. Yes, it’s now a girl’s name, but hasn’t been changed. Like Leslie, Robyn, Madison, and so on. I hear mothers call my name in stores, and when the kid becomes visible, it’s always a girl! So my name and my appearance now match.” “Good for you, Ma’am!” And then, we finished the official business.

After that, I was “Ma’am” and Wifey and I were “ladies” for the rest of the visit. A wonderful feeling!



It was an incredible day…

I had a big errand to run, in a nearby town. The dehumidifier for the basement had failed, and I wanted to get a new one before the cold front blasted through…and before the “right before Christmas rush. Sooo… out the door I went, in black stirrup leggings, purple turtleneck long tunic and black ballet flats, with bare ankles, a women’s zip-front cardigan, my purse, long hair and pink nails, and info on the unit I planned to buy at the home improvement store.

When I arrived, I tried to find the units myself, but there weren’t any.

A friendly-looking 30-something girl was stocking shelves, so I approached her with the pages about the unit I wanted at the ready, held in one hand with my long pink nails in plain view. “May I help you, Ma’am?” “Yes, Miss. I’m trying to find one of these, and the website says you have inventory.” As another employee went by my clerk exclaimed to her “Wow, she came prepared!” And she proceeded to rummage through the inventory system, to find a skid of them tucked away in a different department. She walked with me to the units, and spoke to the male clerk there – “This lady needs one of those but I don’t run the lift.” He glanced at me and said “No problem, ladies.” And he got the lift, bringing down the unit.

“Sir, it’s too heavy for me to carry…could you please get that to a front register for me?” “Certainly, Ma’am.” And he delivered it to the register, where the 20something female clerk looked at me, the name on my credit card, my pink nails and ballet flats, and said “I love your leggings…did you get them locally?” No, they’re several years old, bought out of state. But they’re so comfortable that I love them! Thanks for asking.” Then she inquired “Would you like some help delivering it to your car, Ma’am?” “Yes, Miss, that would be so nice.” And she delegated that job to a nice strong under-20 type guy, who was happy to help. “Please drive up to this door, Ma’am – I’ll load it into the trunk for you.”

I did, and he did. “Thank you Sir!” “Thanks for shopping with us, Ma’am. Have a Merry Christmas!” “I will, hon…thanks…you too!”

My “male privilege” is almost completely gone, now that I look and act more like a woman than a man. It would be out of place for a woman to assert what would immediately be assumed to be fake. I don’t even try. And I’m perfectly fine with that…since I’ve gained something much better: namely, “female privilege.” That’s much more civilized and generally more pleasant. I (and wife and I when out together) haven’t had to open store doors or stand in waiting rooms if men are around, in a long time!

But I also seem to have acquired the local equivalent to the term “woman driver.” Driving with the window down on a nice day, I’ve heard that term used for me a few times. I guess I’ll take the good with the bad!



My most recent salon visit…

…was a lot of fun! And the fun is likely to continue for a while longer…

I inquired of my tech as to whether we should think about trimming them each fill, removing just as much as they grew since last fill, to maintain at this length, which is now ovee 3/8″ beyond the ends of my fingers.. Her rather predictable response was; “Not for another few fills…they’ll look nicer when they’re just a bit longer. You get lots of compliments, right?” “Of course!” And you love your nails, right?” “Absolutely.” “Then trust me to trim them when the time is right…”

There’s no doubt that the nail discussions with women are fabulous…so I can’t argue!



Time for a change…

My newest toe color – for winter.

Wifey suggested that instead of the black polish, I should ask my tech for a dark brown shade. “It’s a bit less ‘goth’ when you wear your sandals in the winter.’ So I did, and this was the result. Both tech and Wifey liked it, Tech says she may try even a bit lighter shade, so that there’s a clear difference between them…



A typical autumn outfit…

I found myself wearing capris and boat-neck or turtleneck tunics almost daily this fall. And it’s fun! I really enjoy wearing them. They’re girlie, and work so well with sandals, pink fingernails and painted toe nails.

But my nail tech gave me the usual winter black color on my most recent pedicure… And I’m not looking forward to covering them up for winter!