More girl talk…

Not sure how, but this post worked….sorry I’ve had so many problems posting. Maybe I can even keep this blog going, though that remains to be seen. Life has been so busy lately – though not in a bad way…it just gets in the way of computer time!

Not long ago I had a nail appointment. These are usually extremely affirming, and this one was no different.

While I was in the pedicure chair, the tech and I had occasional “spurts” of girl talk, but she knew one of the other clients, and they were also talking. At one point, a different tech’s customer came in (a 50something female) while her chair was still occupied, whose acrylic nails needed removed and replaced, which requires a period of time soaking one’s fingers in acetone. So my tech had her sit at the second chair at her workstation and got her started soaking, leaving her primary chair free for me.

When my pedi was done, I shuffled to her primary chair in my blue paper pedicure thongs, with toe separators still in place and fresh polish on all 10 toes, just like the other girls! That keeps the polish I have to wear over the acrylic protecting my toes from smudging. And the conversation began…with exchanging first names, retirement status (do our hubbies still work), how many kids we have, how old are they, how many grandkids, and so on. Typical girl stuff.. So much fun!

We chattered on and on about just about anything and everything until – alas – my tech finished me up. We both hope to one day soon meet again at the salon…and the tech says if it happens, she’ll try to arrange for us to sit together again! That would be so nice!

Definitely an affirmation…love it!




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