Georgia on my mind…

Wifey and I recently made a recent sightseeing excursion into Georgia. Needless to say, we had a great time!

With cooler weather in place, as we were packing she made sure that my wardrobe included gray and brown conventional leggings, coordinated tunic tops, black tights, two pairs of tan stirrup leggings, my tan capris and white sandals, and a long black boatneck tunic with 3/4 length sleeves. “Depending on the weather and where we might go for dinner, capris and sandals could be more appropriate.” And then, much to my surprise – out came my flats. “Since the forecast is for rain, I don’t want your sandals to be ruined.”   That was a surprise; I was expecting to have to wear my sandals the whole time! (In warmer weathee, that wouldn’t be an issue for me…)

Sightseeing is fun. However, one thing we noticed: many streets/sidewalks in the historic areas of Savannah were “original brick, or cobblestones.” And as illustration, the picture shows one of the many similar hazards we faced:

While everyone’s ‘tourist instinct” is to look at sights as you walk, it’s not always a good plan. We both twisted ankles a couple of times! Yes, there were many missing or uneven bricks/cobblestones. And sandals could have been a disaster with my toenails being exposed to damage. But despite the rough walking, it was a fabulous visit.

Our entire visit was in the Savannah and Stone Mountain areas, and we were generally addressed as ladies. That was in spite of the fact that I didn’t even have occasion to wear my capris and sandals! Stirrup leggings and flats were no issue to passers-by, many of whom (mainly girls) wore them.

However, there was one unusual incident – something which hasn’t ever happened before. After dark (and aftee a nice dinner), on the way back to the hotel a klutzy guy was sitting with his girlfriend at one of the many outside cafes along the river (yes, it was a relatively safe area) and spilled his drink just as I came up beside him. (Wifey and I were walking single-file due to traffic on the narrow 2-way walkway.) No, he didn’t splash me. But he stood up and apologized to me profusely, humiliating himself in front of his girl with the way he went on and on, including endearing terms such as “sweetie.” At one point I truly believed he might put his arm around me and kiss me as he apologized. But thankfully, he only took my hand in his and put his other hand around my shoulder! I can only imagine what would have happened had he not been with his girlfriend!! That could have developed into a big problem, because Wifey was rightr behind me.

Fortunately nothing happened, nor was it brought up – other than a bit of joking about his klutziness, and laughing about my having held hands with a boy! (Wonder if his girlfriend realized I wasn’t what he thought I was?) Goes to show you that we never know what adventure will happen, or when.

All-in-all though, it was a fun trip!




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