Nails…around kids

i’ve been wearing longer nails for quite a while now, and have wondered if the granddaughters noticed them (yet), as nothing has been said.

Well, you can rest assured that they have! Our 23 month old granddaughter often checks out my nails every time we visit. Occasionally she begins her afternoon nap in my arms (while we are both seated in a rocking chair – she loves being rocked). And she invariably falls asleep rubbing my long, smooth finger nails with her little fingers!

More interestingly, the older granddaughter has asked about “your long nails” several times…most recently asking if they’re real, or are artificial nails glued on to make them very long, like her teacher has, and has shown her. I assured her that all ten are my real nails, but with a strengthening coating on top. She wonders how long I’ll grow them…she told me that “I’ve seen some that are this long!’ (And she demonstrated about an inch and a half.) I told her “I’d love to wear them that long. But they’ll get shorter when they start to get in the way.”

Then one day she pointed out an imperfection in one of the nails…(a budding nail connoisseur?) The subject got changed, as it often does. But the next morning, she had painted hers pastel blue. Wonder when she’ll ask to paint mine? More importantly, should I let her? (She needs the practice!)

IMHO someday she’s going to be wearing gorgeous long manicured nails!




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