In retrospect…

At a big box store the other day, an amazing thing happened.

I was wearing one of my summery capri outfits – white capris with a tunic-length short sleeve boatneck blouse, and bare legs with white slide sandals displaying my white toe nails. While talking with the female clerk and another female customer, I had occasion to point out a (non-gender-related) interaction with a customer earlier in my visit. And in that discussion, without even thinking about it, I found myself spontaneously referring to that customer as being the “other woman.” It happened so naturally, and without hesitation.

Amazing! That’s the first time I can recall a situation like that…where I indirectly refer to myself as a woman… without thinking about it I even surprised myself. So, my question is: Does that indicate a bit of a shift in my instinctive self-perceived gender – to female?

It sort of seems that way, doesn’t it?!



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