You asked for it…

Per prior requests, I finally found some time to get out the camera for a quick picture.

First is the way my nails look every day. This was taken a few days after my most recent visit to the salon, and the tech shortened my fingernails for easier typing. (But she doesn’t plan to trim them again till they grow back!)

I so love this feminine pink on my fingernails! Very subtle. But my white toe nails are the exact opposite of subtle! Too bad my fingers can’t be as pretty – oh well! Maybe someday they can be this pink, but with white French tips and full white “ring fingernails with colorful nail art” as an accent.

My new nail tech has continued to repair existing damage to both my big toe nails, and is maintaining them intact with acrylic overlay. She’s repeatedly insisting that I wear sandals full-time, “to keep pressure from your shoes off the repaired nails, and the front of your sandals will protect your toes from bumping into things.”

Turns out that’s not going to be a problem!

Why might that be? Well, Wifey doesn’t want my nails damaged either. Now that we’re in our new abode, the bedroom closet is small enough that Wifey and I can only keep seasonal outfits and footwear in it. For me that means only capris, shorts, tunics and blouses, house dresses (of course), and from now on, only sandals. Wifey has her summer jeans, skorts, blouses and shoes there as well. Our off-season clothes are stored in closets elsewhere in the house.

My flats and clogs have now been safely locked away in the attic. “With your toe nail issues, you obviously won’t be wearing closed shoes for a long time…losing those two nails would be a bad thing. Fortunately, you have plenty of cute sandals for every occasion. The ones you’re wearing today (above picture – ed.) will even work nicely with that women’s pants suit we kept when cleaning out the closets after you retired. With 20 pretty nails, long hair, and purse on display, you’ll have a very professional appearance.” (I imagine I will…though undeniably feminine.)

Below is a relatively recent picture, taken last fall, of one of my typical everyday outfits. Now that we’re down south, I may only need help from leggings in the coldest months. Capris and sandals should work fine most of the time, with the possible exception of January and February! We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

But I’d still like to find a pair of oh-so-girlie peep-toe ballet flats, with those cute little bows on the front, to cover my feet but leave my toes uncovered to protect them during those solo excursions…or perhaps be allowed to wear with my womens’ pants suit?

Maybe someday…gotta find them first. And that’s easier said than done.



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