A big garden?

Segue to Staunton, Virginia: July 2021:

That must be one heck of a garden to require such a huge watering can!

Seriously, this Giant Watering Can in Staunton, Virginia was created in the 1990s by local artist Willie Ferguson. From the ground to the top of the handle, this huge watering can is about 15-feet tall. The watering can stands in the Middle of the busy intersection of Greenville Avenue and South Coalter Street, Extreme caution was used when crossing this intersection. (I didn’t notice them, but allegedly there are giant flower pots on the other side of the bridge!)

The tracks and bridge are both ex-Chesapeake & Ohio railroad, and now belong to CSX Transportation. The Amtrak “Cardinal” tri-weekly passenger train crosses here, and I’ve been a passenger on that train several times. A nice ride between Chicago and Washington, DC! (And I’ve seen the watering can from “up there!”


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