The road less traveled…

On a recent trip home after visiting our son in TN, we caught wind of a big accident on Interstate 81 in Virginia which had closed all lanes of the road. Fortunately we heard about it early enough that we were in a position to exit the freeway and use an alternate, parallel route – US Route 11.

The approximately 30-mile stretch we traveled of that road showed that it was normally “the road less traveled.” A number of examples of “the way it was” existed. Repurposed former gas stations (see picture), a dis-used private military school, and abandoned businesses of all sorts. Unfortunately, with the accident closing the interstate, and traffic diverting to the alternate route, it was “a zoo.” Backups at stoplights in towns, slow trucks on significant hills, and similar hindrances all abounded.

On one of our frequent trips south, we really need to explore this route by taking short segments with each trip. But knowing we’re anxious to reach our destination, it isn’t highly likely!


4 thoughts on “The road less traveled…

  1. I love when that happens! (Minus the traffic, of course!) I love the feeling of being transported back in time with your surroundings. But I do admit it can be a little unnerving at the same time, especially when you have no idea where you are, or are alone…


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