Last day??

What I had originally thought was going to be the last day of my recent trip began with quite chilly temperatures in Cumberland.  I got up early again, slipped into my brown floral dress and black tights, with flats and a warm fall jacket, and loaded the car.  Then I ventured to this well-known-brand “nice” motel’s breakfast area, once again in search of a couple of pre-packaged things which could serve as breakfast and/or mid-morning snack, or perhaps even lunch if necessary.  Fortunately, I walked by carefully and looked in before entering.  What did I see among the patrons but two “bubbas” with radical hair styles heavy beards, wife-beater-style sleeveless undershirts with no other covering, well-inked arms and necks, and scowls on their faces.  

Hmmmm…   No need to tempt fate with characters like that around, so I kept on walking – back to the room, via the long way.  As I came down the back stairs, I saw the guys turning into their room, about 8 doors further down the hall from my room, carrying food similar to what I was looking for.  So I reversed course back to the breakfast room.  Success – no more “bubbas,” and lots of large prepackaged sweet rolls and bananas.  After clearing out the rest of the stuff in my room, I drove to the front to check out – “You have a nice day, Ma’am!” “Thanks Miss, you too!” And I was on my way again.

First came a quick tour of Cumberland, including the B&O line toward St. Louis and its pretty stone viaduct, the tiny Amtrak “station” (if you can even call it a station) in current use, the grandiose former Western Maryland Railway depot now used by the Western Maryland Scenic tourist line, then east on I-68 and a side road, to find Rocky Gap casino and resort on Deep Creek Lake. 

Next came a detour on a primitive gravel path literally “up the side of a hill” to find a scenic overlook with a spectacular late autumn view of the area from a perch at the top of the ridge. And then another detour to the C&O Canal National Historical Park at Fifteen Mile Creek.

Temperatures had warmed up enough to convince me to get out and set up the tripod for a selfie by the time I reached the canal…

But now it was late enough that if I headed home I’d be stuck in rush hour traffic at the bridge.  So I exercised “plan B,” and called in a hotel reservation at Hagerstown.   When I arrived in town, I stopped at a local sub shop to pick up dinner and lunch for tomorrow.   I was once again greeted as a woman, at both the sub shop (where a man held the door for me) and the motel…. 

I could really get used to this…

More to follow!


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