First time in a while!

With the improvement in virus figures, and the fact that most Antique car events are held outside, the hobby is beginning to see an uptick in activity out here on the Delmarva. And yours truly finally fired up the antique to participate in one!

It was not a show…just an activity, thus there was no competition for a trophy. And I chose to wear a less feminine polo top with shorts, due to its relatively close-to-home location (yes, I did wear flats as opposed to sandals – in case there was gravel to walk on – which turned out to be an astute decision.) But it provided an opportunity to fire up the old car, clean the dust off, and give it some much needed exercise (something that at 10-12 miles per gallon on premium fuel costing over $3.50 a gallon, doesn’t happen without a purpose!)

Much to my surprise, the first person to approach the car after getting set up for the display, was a 40something guy, bald but with a cap, wearing what appeared to be men’s clothing and flip-flop type sandals. But that isn’t what I initially noticed. It was the fact that his pedicure featured the reddest, most sparkly pedicure I have ever seen on a man presenting as male. I could have stared at it, but didn’t. So I ignored his pretty polish, and went into my usual car-show demeanor, with some unspoken regret about having worn flats. Not wishing to embarrass him (or myself) if he was simply choosing to display fashion freedom, I said nothing about his polish. And sadly, did not remove my shoes.

But it was certainly tempting!

You never know what’s going to happen!



2 thoughts on “First time in a while!

  1. Wow! I like the sound of that guy. It’d actually be great if more men had painted nails. I mean, why not? Why is it a woman thing? I love my long nails, especially when coloured and they make me feel very feminine. But it does make me think that it needn’t be a female thing. Sue x


    1. I totally agree, Sue! And when I saw those nails of his, all I wanted to do was change to sandals. Unfortunately, because I knew the place had a gravel drive, I didn’t bring any. My bad…


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