Another excellent day…

No, it actually was fabulous!

Just before the recent snow event, there were several errands on my agenda, including a long-timer on the honey-do list…all masked and socially-distanced…in nearby towns.  I visited a photo shop, to try to find a battery for a vintage camera, stopped at our bank, and most importantly, wifey has been trying to get me to finally buy a smaller purse for daily use, saving the big one for traveling.  So I went to several big-box stores and a couple of chain department stores in search of one.

My outfit was “leggings” and a turtleneck, with sweater and jacket.  My heels stayed on for the entire 3 hour errand.  There was less of a fit issue this time – I think wearing them more often is making it a non-issue.  And it appears that my guide in future heel-buying decisions will likely change from “less-expensive shoes” to “more expensive shoes, bought only on sale.”   My expensive (and delightfully comfortable) flats bought on sale are a perfect example!

Moving right along, I parked at one department store, and went in (being greeted as a woman) to the purse department.  It was early in the business day, with few customers around.  Two clerks were chatting as I passed by them, and my shoes were making that feminine “click-click-click” as I walked.  Both of them looked my way, and as it was quiet, I could hear that their discussions did not change as I passed by.  They kept right on talking…

I left that store after finding a suitable purse, to walk (outside, of course) to another department store in the same mall, where I was also welcomed as a female.  But this time they had no suitable purses (the last time I visited, they had a huge selection – not any more!)   Back to the first store – where I again was “welcomed back” appropriately.  I picked up my new purse, and headed for the check-out lane.

After the usual “do you have one of our cards, Ma’am?” and “do you want to apply for one?” questions, the elderly female clerk commented on my name, how it used to be a man’s name, but in the last 25 years, only young women are given the name. We’ve completely taken it over…”  My response was “yes, and I’m glad we have!  It’s such a pretty name for us ladies.”  With no customers waiting, we had time for a couple minutes of girl talk (about wearing masks giving us the newfound freedom to go without makeup. I pointed out those long-wearing lipstick stains could be hard to get out!)  Once a customer got in line, it was time to leave, with my new purse (and wallet – I got one of those, too!)  

With my heels tapping out their beautiful cadence as I left, at the exit I was once again addressed as a woman.

I thoroughly enjoyed my “honey-do” day, even though it wasn’t long enough.  But definitely very affirming. 



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