Running errands has become fun!

It was a bit chilly that recent morning, so I unearthed a pair of stirrup leggings and a sweatshirt to wear for my morning errands. First time this season… And for my feet, I chose the following:

You may wonder why I didn’t just put on a pair of flats. Remember that due to broken toenail issues, my nail tech doesn’t want me in closed-toe shoes… Over the summer, Wifey kindly “put them away,” to insure that I’m always in sandals. And feminine stirrup leggings like these (or traditional ankle-length leggings) are my only long pants. Voila! Leggings and sandals for fall – at least till the temperatures get too cold!

That day, in both the big box store and the hardware, I had occasion to speak with staff. Universally, I addressed female staffers as “Ma’am” and the men as “Sir.” They in return addressed me as “Ma’am.” There was no hesitation on their part whatsoever.

The lady in front of me at check-out in the big box store appeared to be late 40’s or early 50’s, and she was wearing a drop-dead gorgeous 2″-above-the-knee, short sleeve floral dress, with shallow V-neck, not heavily fitted at the waist – loose enough to disguise imperfections in any female figure, and with small (about 1″ diameter) but beautiful red and white flowers on a rich black background, and black slide sandals with a 1′ heel. She looked absolutely stunning in it…I was so jealous!

Now for the question of the day: would I have been ‘out of order’ to tell her that I love her dress and ask where she got it? I’m not overly confident about my feminine voice, and not sure if it would have turned into an embarrassing situation for both of us. If anyone cares to express an opinion, I’d love to hear your thoughts….

When my turn arrived at the checkout counter, I made sure that the clerk could see my pink fingernails as I rummaged through my purse, looking for my credit card. She noticed them, and my now-feminine first name on the card. That resulted in being addressed me as “Ma’am”, but unfortunately the line behind me was so long there was no time for any girl talk…

Next stop was the hardware store. On the way in, a younger male customer held the door for me: “Thanks, Sir.” “You’re welcome, Ma’am.” And I was addressed as female by male employees during my hunt for a couple of items, as well as by the 40something female clerk at checkout!

Without a doubt, I had a fabulous morning. Though both Wifey and I predict that sandal-wearing days are drawing to a close for the winter, 😦




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