Girl talk…

I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy the other day, and the 30something female clerk began talking about my pink fingernails and “pretty white toe nails.” She had noticed that they’ve been done nicely each time I’ve been in, and that I seem to love wearing sandals.

I didn’t share the “why” of my toe nails being done, or “why” I wear sandals…however she wanted to chat a bit as I was the only customer. She said that since I’m new to the area, and love sandals, the climate in TN is agreeable enough that I should be able to wear them with leggings well into the fall, and even into winter. “And don’t forget: high-heel sandals are fabulous all year around. They’ll look great with dresses and skirt outfits!” Of course I agreed, but silently lamented to myself: “Only in my dreams…”

Then she commented on my pink fingernails…and how pretty they are. “Those fingernails would be perfect for me…clearly manicured but not extreme. Where do you have them done?” We talked about the salon for a few minutes and I gave her my tech’s name. She plans to go there, and give my name as a reference! That’s always good for the stylist.

She confided that “your hands would look so elegant if you add nail extensions to your nails, making them at the very least, an inch beyond your fingertips.” I told her that I’d love to, and my stylist is trying to convince me to go ahead with it. But with so much housework to do, it would take too many adjustments. And then I chuckled “these are already acrylic nails. My stylist has simply stopped removing the new growth each manicure…and they’re growing out. Eventually I’ll have longer nails – through nobody’s fault but my own!”

Then I asked the clerk why she doesn’t have extensions. She’s worn them a few times, but mostly on vacations. But since she works, handling boxes and so on, they’d break all the time. “So vacations may be how you can wear them – at least for a little while!”

And one day soon, I really hope to be able to try it!




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