Wifey and I were relaxing in front of the telly after dinner a couple nights ago, and she had turned to a home shopping channel. I looked up to see a warm-looking turtleneck midi-dress on sale, and commented that getting some like that might replace several of my sleeveless dresses which have too-short old turtleneck blouses underneath. Her comment was that “it’d look nice on you – and it’s long enough, but I don’t think it’ll fit – it’s tapered at the waist, and you don’t have curves there.

My response was that I’d check the size chart and measure myself, to be sure. She was OK with that. I did, gave her the measurements, and as usual, she was correct. I told her that I’d keep looking…and she was fine with conceivably making that change. “If you find some of them, we’ll keep two or three of your best sleeveless housedresses for you to wear without the top underneath, around here but possibly even when you’re out and about next summer. But we can get rid of the rest, as well as those poorly-fitting turtlenecks you wear underneath them. That’ll cut down the number of pieces I have to wash!”

Perhaps a little progress is being made?



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