This is a good sign…

It’s an old picture from the archives, which I just posted to the blog. Not quite sure how I did it, so I will backtrack and try it again with another picture.

It was taken at Amtrak’s Penn Station during a layover in New York City several years ago, when I met up with Marian for an afternoon of sightseeing before my next train departed. (Those were the days!) Had a great lunch and a fabulous time…would love to try it again, but we’ve moved south to TN, hours away from Amtrak access, making it much more difficult to get around. (Not to mention that awful virus which continues to circulate, keeping me closer to home.)

Notice the lovely red nails, complete with nail art! Loved it Almost two weeks with them…had a fabulous time.

If I can post another picture, I’ll feel a little more confident about being able to keep this blog active! Time will tell – stay with me!



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