A fun dress

Though I haven’t had much time to wear it since the move, I really like this dress.

It’s light and airy, and feels so good in hot weather… White slides go perfectly with it, and between the sandals and the dress, together they keep my bare legs and white toes on full-time display. (No way to hide them!!!!) And the sandals have a bit of a heel to them, which I like!

Something about this type of sandal which takes getting accustomed to: they’re much like flip-flops in the very feminine sound I make as I walk in them. Almost like the click-click a woman makes with her heels, the flip-flopping sound also announces “here comes a girl.” Initially, I didn’t like that noise. But now that I have to wear sandals all the time, I love it…they’re so girly!

Because of my toenail issue, looks like I’m getting what I wished for…having to wear sandals all the time.



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