At the nail salon…2

I had an appointment scheduled a couple weeks ago at my new nail salon, but had to cancel on account of a serviceman’s appliance repair visit…

The replacement appointment was a week ago. And as usual, my tech was talkative, not only to try to convince me to go with 20 pretty red nails (10 with 3/4″ extensions), but also about the status of rising food prices. Which eventually evolved into the topic of “What are you going to cook for dinner tonight?” I replied that I didn’t know, (so true) and that whatever it is will likely be microwaved. “It’s just you and your husband, right?” “Yes, and he’s OK with that on occasion…” I guess I’m a girl for sure…at least there! (Or maybe not? Read on.)

She was glad to see that I’m wearing sandals, to show off my white polish. She pointed out that the female techs were wearing them, and all encourage their customers to do the same all summer. “In your case, you really should be wearing sandals full time, to keep pressure from each shoe from further damaging those big toe nails.” After she finished the pedicure, but before painting my nails, I got a very professional foot massage. It was good!!!

While doing my fill and manicure, she once again tried to convince me to let her put extensions on my fingers and red paint all around. “You’ll look fabulous with them!” But it didn’t work. “I’m definitely not ready for that! With the move, there’s still too much housework to do.” However, I admit it would be fun to have them applied for one of my longer solo jaunts! Maybe one day…

She was watching the front desk and 3 separate times, had to get up and walk past me to attend to those duties. Each time she returned to her seat, she gave me a short but comfortable shoulder and back massage (I’d earlier mentioned about pulling some neck and shoulder muscles moving boxes around in the attic.) She’s good!

The extra attention obviously netted her a bigger tip. But it also brought to mind a question: did she do it solely for my comfort? Perhaps in hopes of the bigger tip? Or was she checking to see if I was wearing a bra? I hope the former…but the latter is always a possibility! (And I wasn’t!!!)

We’ll see what happens next time!


4 thoughts on “At the nail salon…2

      1. Let’s face it, girl talk is the best. It may seem like the subject matter is trivial to most folks but to us TGirls it is heaven to chat with another woman about makeup, clothes, everyday things… Keep enjoying your girltime, Mandy 🙂 Sue x


      2. I totally agree with you…girl talk is fabulous! There are so many awful things going on in the world today, that talking about shoes and heel height, nails and nail color, dresses and “what we’re cooking our husbands for dinner” is like a breath of fresh air! May we be able to do so for a long time in the future, hon!



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