At the nail salon – 1

This was the most fun I’ve had at a nail salon recently…

As I mentioned previously, we’ve relocated to Tennessee to be closer to the grands, and I had to get my “second” nail appointment down here. My first one was very pleasant, the nail tech was friendly, and I was treated like the woman I appeared to be. So I returned to the same salon, and the same tech welcomed me, again addressing me as female.

This time, I was wearing a purple turtleneck “short-dress-length” tunic, white capri pants, with bare legs and sandals. This time, I heard “I love your outfit, dear…” Oh my, so soon! “Thanks, hon. You’ll see me dress like this a lot over the summer. It’s so quick and easy.” Her response: “Summers here in the south are hot and humid. You might find dresses to be more comfortable. Many of our customers favor them as it gets hotter. And you’d look so pretty in dresses.” Then the topic was dropped – but only for a short time (see below.)

She had time to do both a pedicure and a fill on my pink fingernails. First came what she thought would be the quick and easy fill – but some of the acrylic on my nails was having issues from wearing it for many months, and needed to be removed and replaced. So she moved me to the pedicure chair to work on my pedi while the acrylic soaked off.

The girl talk started early…with discussion of the color for my toes. She pointed out the color the tech was giving the lady in the next pedi chair…”that red would look fabulous on your toes!” “I love it, too, but it’s kind of heavy for hot weather. I was thinking more along the line of something light and summery. What would you suggest?” “Well, how about pastel blue or just plain white? A lot of our girls are wearing white again this year.” “I’ve worn white before…let’s just go with that this time.” And so we proceeded, resulting in beautiful white toe nails and one of the best foot and lower leg massages I’ve ever had…

During my pedicure, the girl talk was remarkable. She inquired as to how often I wear heels. I told her that they really don’t agree with me, so not very often, and the only pair I now wear has about 1-1/2″ heels. She doesn’t wear them much, either.

We had a wonderful discussion about heels, and also about wearing dresses. I showed her a picture of my blue floral knee-length dress, and she thought it looked wonderful. “Maybe you can wear it to your appointment one of these times?” “We’ll see…I’ve never worn it to a nail appointment…but maybe there’s a first time for everything!”

Then she moved me to the fingernail station and proceeded to work on my fingers. She had already removed the loosened acrylic during the pedicure, and began by shaping my nails, then applying fresh acrylic. For color, she applied a coat of my usual pink OPI gel, then a second coat of a new pink gel, to give them a different look, and see if I like the combination. (So far so good.)

I think the cats at our son’s place really like my pedicure…in the days since this salon visit, they’ve been licking my toes and feet a lot more than when my nail color was black! The best part is that no humans have taken exception to my new nail color!



6 thoughts on “At the nail salon – 1

      1. I think being excepted as a woman shows that ‚Mandy‘ is now out and about down south and that is all that matters. Looking forward to some of those nail pictures, its been a long since I had the opportunity to have pretty nails.. Abi x


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