Another great day…

The morning after the snowstorm, I got a call from my dentist’s office about the appointment for which I showed up (having stayed in a nearby motel overnight), but for which they were closed unexpectedly.  And as usual, the receptionist addressed me as Ms. Sherman.  For the whole conversation.  We set an appointment to go back for the procedure I had been deprived of.  That’s wonderful…

Now segue to the day of arrival there…wearing tan stirrup leggings, one of my new blue turtleneck tunics, black tights, tan ballet flats, blue sweater and my usual purse, long hair, long nails, etc.  Right from the get-go, staff once again addressed me as Ms. Sherman.  This is fabulous – I love it.  And while the dentist himself knows me, and my birth gender, he basically omits any gender references, which is fine by me.   Sounds almost as though they are considering me as having transitioned!

A couple days later, when I called to see if the receipt they couldn’t provide  the day of my appointment (due to computer issues) could be emailed to me, the accounting representative advised “Ms. Sherman” that it had already been mailed.   Nice!

Now segue ahead, to the day of my badly-needed nail appointment.  It was time for a fill and pedicure, with reinforcing for the broken toe nails.  I wore my white stirrup leggings and one of my brown turtleneck tunics with a cardigan over it.  Things got off to a rewarding start when the girls addressed me as “Miss Amanda” as they helped me take my cardigan off and got me seated for the pedicure. 

When she finished the pedi, my tech helped me out of the chair, and noticed my turtleneck tunic as I shuffled to the nail table in the paper flip-flops they put on you. “That’s a cute tunic dress!  But why are you wearing pants?  Leave the pants at home, wear a pair of contrasting opaque tights, some 3” heels, and you’ll look 10 years younger!”  My response: “Do you really think that would be appropriate for someone my age?  It’s obviously above-the-knee, and you’re younger than I!” “Sure, as long as you wear opaque tights underneath to protect your modesty.  After all, every girl wants to look cute, right?” Then came some lovely girl talk while my nails were being done!

I admit that it’s an interesting idea… But in reality, I’m not sure I’m that brave! 


PS: I suspect the fact that my given name is now universally known as being exclusively for females has been a huge advantage. It’s harder to be identified as a male when you’re dressed in female clothes AND have a female name. Masking is also a big help…saves wearing full makeup, to which Wifey would likely take exception! This looks like it’s shaping up to be a fabulous year…

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