The Hairdresser dilemma…

During a recent visit to our son’s place in Tennessee, I elected to seek out a qualified beauty salon which will use the same hair color product that my existing hairdresser does.  There have been visits when I wish I could have gotten my gray roots touched up while visiting.  And having a trusted hair stylist and will be necessary when we one day move south, to be closer to the grandkids.  Likewise, the same with nail care. 

As usual, finding suitable salons was a task easier said than done.

My first stop was at a clean-looking “hole in the wall” type salon with two chairs, only a few miles from kiddo’s house.  There was only one customer, one hairdresser.  Both seniors.  And they both looked up as I, wearing a mask, denim capris, car club polo, with bare legs, wearing my flats, and carrying a small purse, entered. 

Both of them stared, and the beautician addressed me as a female. She said to go outside and around back to meet the owner, who was relaxing in the warm sun with a friend.   The owner had seen me drive in, and walked around the corner to meet me as I came out front.   To make the long story short, they don’t use the same brand of color, and her color processing time was 30-minutes-plus.  But, she suspected that she could get closer to my short processing time by changing the developer.  I decided to get their card for future reference, but keep looking.

Second stop was at a nearby nail salon. But this was not a shop I’ll be likely to use, even though they were nice enough, accepted me as a woman, and were busy – about 8 pairs of female eyes were checking me out   (Plenty of chances for girl talk!)  Unfortunately the manager seemed to be unfamiliar with the process my nail tech uses.  (Or more likely, simply didn’t want to bother!)  On the bright side, he told me how pretty I’d look with long fingernail extensions and all 20 nails finished in red.  She’s right. But even though I’d love it, and the flattery was wonderful, unfortunately that’s not likely!

Onward – to the third stop, another hair salon – this one much newer, and owned by a 30-something lady.   She didn’t have a customer at that moment, and was interested to learn about the brand of color my current tech uses.   We talked for a few minutes and she requested that I text her the product info once I get home and talk to my beautician.  I found this quite encouraging, along with the fact that she accepted me as female, even though I wasn’t really “trying.”  I will be following thru with this very promising lead.

After leaving there, I stumbled into a multi-chair nail salon a bit further down the road.  Once again, I was welcomed as a female, and encouraged to give them a chance to help.  They said they were familiar with my toe nail issue and know how to deal with it.   As this salon was near a prominent name-brand mega-retailer, I decided to stop in for a few things on the shopping list.  No unusual glances from other customers, and the check-out clerk ended with “Have a nice day, Ma’am.”

A very successful day, in all respects!  But now, we need to try them out!  That’s a subject for another post…after it happens!


4 thoughts on “The Hairdresser dilemma…

    1. It was unexpected, and affirming. A good experience. But when I show up at the shops again, I’ll be interested to see what happens. I don’t plan to show up in a dress…in D-I-L’s territory. So time will tell!


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