New Kicks – perhaps?

My most comfortable flats (purchased on-line a while ago) survived a bit longer due to being taken out of service over the summer because I was wearing sandals almost exclusively. After putting them back in service, Wifey finally noticed that they’re showing heavy signs of wear and suggested that I purchase another identical pair.   And I need another pair of sandals with dark straps instead of white, to replace the brown ones I’ve worn for years, which are also wearing out.   So I went on line, and shockingly found that my specific flats have been discontinued!   And worse yet, every vendor’s supply of my size in that style has been depleted.

So, I started looking on-line for a different brand of flat to replace them.  After a lot of research, I came up with two pairs which might work with my foot problems, as well as a pair of cute sandals.   I showed pix of both flats to Wifey – my all-time favorite (appearance-wise) is below:

When I showed her the pictures and pointed to this one as my favorite, her comment was that “both pairs are ballerina flats and have ornamentation on the vamps.  You realize that those admittedly cute little bows on your favorite pair are very feminine.”  My response: “Yes.  But it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been acknowledged as a girl.  If they fit as comfortably as my worn-out flats do, it’s not a problem.  And they appear to have a replaceable heel, which would be a huge advantage.  Plus, both pairs have round toes – not pointed, like so many flats.”  Her response: “Well, let’s see how comfortable they are!”

I hit “send,” and that was the end of the discussion.   So now, we wait… and eventually see which pair works best.

More later…


6 thoughts on “New Kicks – perhaps?

    1. I suspect that she’s going to “hang her hat” on the hopes that they won’t fit well enough to keep! Time will tell! But either way, it’s progress that she didn’t say “no” right up front!


  1. They are cute and I really hope they do fit. I have lots of ballet flats and I love them, especially the feminine bow. I hope you’ll post some pictures of you wearing them. Sue x


    1. Thanks…now to just hope they fit. I like the other pair of shoes I ordered with them, but these ballet flats are just so pretty that I couldn’t resist trying them! Whichever pair fits better will be the one to keep!


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