Vera Bradley…again!


Wifey wanted to go to pick something up at a Vera Bradley shop, which is unfortunately out-of-state.  As usual, I was the “designated driver.” I dressed in one of Mom’s black tunics and a pair of white capris, with my white slide sandals and a necklace that she hasn’t cared for in the past, figuring that it would be gigged, and be easy to remove in order to solve any “girly issues.”  WRONG!!

“Change out of those white sandals. They make you look – and sound – like a girl.”  “OK dear, just a minute.  There, I’ve put on my dressy strappy sandals – the ones you’ve always liked before.”  “Yes, that’s much better…” And we got in the car, heading for the state line.

Here’s my appearance at the Vera Bradley store:

Don’t you think that my capris, tunic and purse scream “girl” more loudly than any sandals would?? Perhaps there’s actually a chance that she’s beginning to accept my feminine side a bit more, if simply changing to my strappy sandals solved the issue. I truly would have expected to have to change to shorts and a less feminine top, put on my flats, remove my necklace, etc.  Of course some things can’t be easily changed…my purse and camera pouch, long hair, pretty finger and toe nails,  hairless arms and legs, and so on.  She went into the store ahead of me, and started shopping…after closing and locking up the car, I caught up to her inside a few minutes later. 

There were 2 men and 1 young boy standing around waiting for wives/mother, and about 20 women (including me) shopping.  We walked around selecting some things for D-I-L for the holidays while they were on sale, talking like 2 women would.  And hearing “excuse me, ladies” each time a staffer went by with things to put on the shelves or a customer squeezed by. 

A couple times I heard “Can I help you find something, Ma’am?” It didn’t seem to concern Wifey. Wonder if we could have been in “girlfriends” mode?

Whatever…….but it was fun!


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