I spent about a day and a half recently in the process of rearranging framed pictures in a couple of rooms, and taking many of them down permanently, as well as spackling nail holes, sanding, and refinishing the patched areas in preparation for eventually moving further south to be closer to our granddaughters.  No wonder I’m tired! 

Wall work in a dress!

The project will continue later this week with even more walls!   I’m getting semi-professional at this refinishing stuff…hopefully it will be good enough that any real estate agent won’t eventually tell us to have the whole house repainted… That’s a waste of money, because ours is a neutral color, looks good, and most new owners want to repaint their new homes into their own color choices anyway!

Wifey made sure I wore an old sleeveless dress and short sleeve blouse for this project, with old white sandals, so “ I don’t have to spend time removing paint from your dresses and shoes.”   Working on ladders and step stools in a dress is a new experience – since I wasn’t in public, no “wolf whistles.”  But I will undoubtedly be doing it some more – or so I’ve been told!

One of my “at-home” outfits

As for my everyday outfits:  they’re fine – no paint on them!  A typical cold-weather outfit (you can tell by the long-sleeve blouse and flats!) Perhaps some day I’ll hear: “From now on, just stay in your dress whenever you – or we – leave the house. You look very nice, dear. No more changing.”) 

Ummm – hope springs eternal!!!

Stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Painting…

  1. Best of luck with the move if it goes ahead, Mandy. I too tend to do jobs at home in a dress. It’s not practical but who doesn’t make use of every opportunity to wear a dress?! lol! Sue x


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