Fort Miles?

Our recent trip to Delaware for a visit to a Vera Bradley shop brought back the memory of a previous trip, when Wifey and I visited Fort Miles, a dis-used World War 2 military fort at Cape Henlopen, DE.

As the primary fort of the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware, it was built to defend Delaware Bay and the Delaware River, and to protect domestic shipping from enemy fire between Cape May and Cape Henlopen, particularly from the German surface fleet. The fort also operated a controlled underwater minefield to prevent ships entering the Delaware River estuary.  One of these mines was revealed following 2016 Hurricane Hermine by local Cape Henlopen state park staff. The sea mine and anchor were archaeologically conserved.

By 1950 the Army’s coast defense role had been transferred to the Navy and coastal artillery defenses were obsolete with the fort becoming surplus. The Army continued to use portions and in 1962 the Navy established Naval Facility (NAVFAC) Lewes, a Sound Surveillance System shore terminal there to replace the one at Cape May (across the bay in New Jersey) that was damaged in a storm. The NAVFAC was in commission May 1, 1962 to September 30,1981. Its headquarters building now houses the Biden Environmental Conference Center. 

The fort is now Cape Henlopen State Park.

That trip, which was in cooler weather, found me in a similar-type outfit:

Yours truly at Fort Miles

…except back then, I was wearing a long-sleeve turtleneck top. Between my feminine outfit and the fact that my jacket was tied around my waist (giving the appearance of a skirt), I was often recognized as female.  That included a restaurant meal (something the pandemic has eliminated from our activities.)

Perhaps we can return one of these days…


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