A dip in the archives

Back in  2017 Mandy took a fabulous cross-country rail tour – back in the good old days before Covid (recently heard those days referred to as “BC”, such as 2017 being the year 2 BC.”)  It included stops in NOLA, LA and Sacramento…the latter included a two-night stay on the Delta King Hotel, which was/still is a 285-foot-long stern-wheel steamboat.  (Below.) And…is the sister ship of the famous Delta Queen!

It was built in Scotland and California for the California Transportation Company’s service between Sacramento and San Francisco, California.  She entered service in 1927 and continued until 1940. After wartime service with the United States Navy, Delta King served as an accommodation ship at Kitimat, British Columbia in the 1950s.  Then it was returned to California for static use at Old Sacramento, where she remains today – as a hotel, restaurant and venue.

The below was taken on the steamboat’s balcony, just off the dining room.  

Once again I was up early, because it was time to start the trek home, in a skirt and top today, of course (above.)   And at that hour of the morning, there wasn’t much activity, even though the staterooms were sold out.  Departure time was rapidly approaching, and it was with mixed emotions.  That’s because even after such a wonderful trip (and a desire to keep traveling), it was time to get home to Wifey and my familiar surroundings.

I had breakfast in the steamboat’s dining room again… but this time with a different female server.  I was not identified as a woman, nor were any male or female greetings/comments made.  She just did her job.  That’s ok with me.  At that hour of the morning, there wasn’t much activity. But yes, the free full breakfast was delicious!

Maybe someday I can visit again!


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