Red is a fab color!

It’s always fun to get a mani and pedi….especially before a solo trip!

Back a few years, the night before boarding the train, I stopped at a nearby salon for my treat…and told the 20something female tech I wanted “the works…but in a pretty shade of red. You pick the best one for me.” So she did. Without asking, since I was already wearing acrylic with pink gel, she re-did all 20 nails in bright red, so they’d be covered well, and look really pretty. Then she added nail art, as the finishing touch, and reminded me: “Ma’am, be sure to stop by when you’re ready to change colors, since you can’t remove it by yourself.”

I suspected it was one of the best mani/pedis I’d had – at least to that point in time! And that was wonderful, because it was destined to stay around for almost two weeks! On that trip, I chose only skirts, blouses and a jumper dress for everyday outfits, and only brought one pair of capris for emergencies. No boy things. Due to space concerns with one small suitcase, I had to limit myself to two pairs of sandals, which meant “no room for any closed-toe shoes.”

The trip went very well, I did not hear the dreaded “S” word, and was sad when I went back to the salon for the switch back to everyday pink! Maybe next time I’ll ask for nail art on my thumbs, too!

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