At last…

After disappointment locally with acknowledgement of my femininity since we got back from our TN trip, I was looking for some real affirmation.  And it showed up in an unusual and unexpected way…read on for more.

We had a serviceman scheduled one day last week.  He was supposed to be here by 5 PM.  7:30 PM came and went with no sign of him.  So I jumped into the shower.  While I was doing that, the phone rang and Wifey picked it up.   He was running very late and hoped he could still come by.  She said “Sure.”  And she came in to let me know that he was coming, which was fine with me.

I grabbed the quickest outfit I could find…my new black leggings, a turtleneck top,, ballet flats and my little purse.  I answered the door, and “Hi Ma’am.  I’m sorry I’m late.”  “No problem, sir.”  I showed him the issue, and he went ahead with getting the info for the estimate.  And several times he asked me for info or had questions, and he always responded to my answer with:  “Thanks, Ma’am.” 

When he was finished, he said “Ms. Sherman, I’ll work this up tomorrow and have the quote ready in a couple of days.   So there was the affirmation I was hoping for…right at my front door!

Now all he needs to do is produce the quote!



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