That’s a potty?

During the trip which brought with it “cable car pictures”, we also experienced the following, nicknamed “Street furniture.” 

From current internet offerings, this Street furniture, such as JC Decaux kiosks, are a vital part of SF’s sidewalk environment. The kiosks can be re-purposed by non-profit agencies and will encourage economic development in our commercial districts. Re-purposing kiosks are one of many ways to activate the space in the public right of way under the SF Better Streets Plan.

The Automatic Public Toilet Program was developed because of a growing civic concern about the lack of sufficient public toilet facilities in the City. The toilets automatically clean themselves after each use, and are fully accessible to people with disabilities. This program is operated at no cost to the City. In exchange for the toilets, the City allows the contractor to install public service/advertising kiosks and newspaper kiosk stands on City sidewalks. There are currently 70 kiosks located throughout San Francisco generating revenue to support this program.

There are 25 self-cleaning public toilets operating through this program which are accessible for people with disabilities. (And nowadays since they are unisex, presumably those of us who are transgender.)  When will the rest of the world catch up?

This is a great idea, but with the pandemic, probably not practical to keep clean…


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