A quick trip…part 1

Recently I had to make a trip across the bay, to accomplish a number of “honey do” errands.  Fully masked and following all distancing rules, plus knowing that my age group is now eligible for vaccination (which we both received and fortunately had no side effects), were my big safety factors.  

Despite cool weather, I had planned to wear black capri pants and sandals, like so many women that wifey and I have seen.  Instead, she thought I should stick with my black stirrup pants, and wear pantyhose for warmth.  She added that Mom’s silver necklace, matching bracelet, and one of my blue turtleneck tunics with black ballet flats would make a perfect outfit.  I love all of them, thus didn’t argue.

But unbenownst to her, a few other articles accompanied me…namely, my heels, earrings and finger ring, plus those two cute new tee dresses.  My first errand was a quick visit to the eye doctor.  I dropped in, wearing the outfit as it was when I left home.  No issues.  They know me.  Uneventful.

From there, it was off to visit my former seamstress (near the eye doctor), who has taken care of altering most things I’ve needed altered (at least until we moved.)  I put on my earrings, finger ring and heels before arriving.  She was excited to see me, and thought I had moved away, it’s been that long.  We talked about our families a bit, then she told me it was time for me to go back to the dressing room to change.

I slipped on my black dress (over the stirrup pants, to be sure of proper fit) and she marked it to take in – “you’ll look a lot nicer once we alter it.  I hope you’ll wear it as a dress, too – with bare legs or pantyhose.”  “Absolutely – particularly during the summer.  What girl doesn’t need a little black dress?” “Then I’ll leave the length alone.  It’s a bit long to wear as a tunic over leggings.  As a dress, it’ll keep your pretty legs on display.  But it’s long enough to protect your modesty.”

Then she was ready for me to change to the blue one. It turned out to be a little bit shorter than the black one, but more “blousy.”  So she will take it in a bit more.   “You’ll have so much fun in this dress!  It’s so nice and airy – over the summer you won’t want to wear anything else – you’re going to love it!” And we discussed where I bought it…she may want one like it.  “If I get one, wouldn’t it be fun for you to come by and find we’re both wearing the same dress?!”

Yes, that would be so much fun!  Visits to her shop are always so affirming!

More about my day out to follow…


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