Girl talk!

Sue, one of my faithful readers recently commented about a prior blog entry:  “Wow, that was some girl talk! I love talking clothes and makeup with my female friends.”  Have any of you ever enjoyed serious girl talk while functioning in not-quite-totally–female mode?  

Long story….

Turns out my hairdresser became exposed to the virus while we were in TN, and just found out about it when the contact came down with symptoms and tested positive. The day before my hair appointment, she called me with the news that she was to be tested at 10 the morning of the appointment, and did I still want to try my 11:30 appointment? 

Well, despite the fact I needed color desperately, I relinquished the appointment, because from our son’s experience a while back when he had to be tested daily due to wife and daughter being positive, there was usually a 2 to 3 hour wait, and the results often are wrong.  And I wasn’t ready to play “Russian Roulette” with my health. But I asked if one of the other girls could “work me in” later in the week.  The answer was yes, a couple days later.  (And my beautician’s test results did end up being positive.  She’ll be off work till much later in January – so far no major symptoms.)

The substitute stylist who did my hair had seen me in the salon previously, and knew I was an old car enthusiast.  Best of all (or worst of all, depending on your outlook), she may know my true gender, which is different from that of my clothing. But to use an old-time saying – she was “vaccinated with a Victrola needle.”  Look that one up on Google! Means TALKATIVE!

After getting started, we talked generalities for few minutes.  I speak with my hands a bit, and before long, “You have beautiful nails, sweetie.  Where do you get them done?”  That discussion was good for quite a few minutes, covered the fact that I used to do them myself (so did she), the fact that she wears them too, and has for many years.  And I slipped out of my flats to show her my painted toes.  Nails were a great topic for nearly 15 minutes, ending with “you should get longer medium- brown acrylics with white french tips on all except ring fingers, thumbs and big toes, Those 6 get done in all-white, with big colorful nail-art flowers. Great winter style – you’ll be showing those nails to everyone!” Might be an interesting combination for fall…if I someday am able to wear more noticeable color!

Then she commented that she loved my ballet flats: “They’re so cute, what brand are they? Are they as comfortable as they look?”, and so on…  The topic segue’d over to high heels, how much height we both have lost as we’re aging (she’s lost 3″, yours truly has lost about 2″), and how heels can help us regain that height.  I showed her the following picture of the pumps I don’t wear too often, which have about 1-1/2”  heels:

Her response:  “If they’re comfortable, just wear them every day.  You’ll truly enjoy the confidence added height gives you.  They’d be pretty with those stirrup pants.   Just curious: it looks as though you’re wearing a long dress in the picture. Am I right?”  Blushing a bit, I confessed: “Oops…yes, you are!” “Well, since you wear dresses, those heels will be perfect with them. But, you might want to go shopping for a couple additional pairs – 3” heels, one ‘sandals’ and one ‘pumps’ – giving yourself a more elegant look. 

I wear 4” or 5″ heels for parties and dinners out.  They look fabulous, and I love the extra height (it’s fun being 3″ taller than my husband), but I’ve most likely worn heels longer than you have!”  “Ummm…yes, you’re right on that! And, I’d probably break an ankle. I just can’t imagine telling the doctor that I tripped in my heels!” “Don’t worry – they’ve heard that many times before, sweetie. You’ll find it’s just a part of being a girl!”

And so it went…you get the picture – a solid hour-and-a-half of girl talk!  Yes, I loved it.  And she did, too…  Maybe I’ll take her advice – for my next appointment, take my heels along and change into them.  If she’s there, she’d be pleased…and I think my regular stylist would have some fun with it!

It’s been a fabulous way to kick off 2021! I just hope it’s a sign of good things to come!


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