Would this work?

When vaccination has finally come to exist, and the virus is less of a threat, the more-womanly Mandy may be able to emerge again.

This is an everyday outfit around the house (though typically sans any shoes.) It’s comfortable, I’m used to wearing dresses, and would love to wear them more often in my outings.

But having stayed mostly in skirts on past outings, I’m not sure this would work in public. What do you think? With makeup, earrings and jewelry, white sandals (or flats if the weather is bad), brightly painted nails, my long hair, purse and so on, would this work in the spring and fall? (Or in summer with a short sleeve blouse instead of a turtleneck?)

It would be a big change for me…just not sure if it’s “for the better!”


4 thoughts on “Would this work?

  1. I like it. I wear similar items around the house as well because they are comfortable and also feminine, but I wouldn’t wear them outside because I where I live they are considered dated and rather austere. But what you wear outdoors depends on what other women in your area wear. If this is the sort of outfit women can be seen wearing where you live then you’ll blend in, so wear it. If everyone else is in jeans, then you’ll look weird. Be appropriate and blend in is my rule. Sue x


    1. Good response, hon. But I may give it a try anyway (if we ever get past this virus thing.) “Looking at my 72nd birthday in the rearview mirror, I guess dressing that way might be appropriate for an old woman, which I cheerfully admit to being. Even the denim sleeveless dress I have worn in public a few times (with a blouse or top underneath) is a bit frumpy and out of style. I like my skirts, but trying dresses (that are already in my closet) does have an allure! Will keep you advised!


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