Wayland, NY – late 1980’s

No, it’s not what it appears to be.

Yes, it IS the former Delaware, Lackawanna & Western/later Erie Lackawanna passenger station in Wayland. But this was at that time (and still is) the stub end of the former line from New York City to Buffalo, which lost through train service on June 30, 1962.

Wayland then began being served by the Bath and Hammondsport Railroad, one of those short lines which “hangs on by a thread.” The passenger car and station were bought by (and station still is owned by) Gunlocke Manufacturing, a furniture manufacturing company. Both venues served as office and conference space for them.

Just as a curious observation, FDR acquired some Gunlocke furniture for use in the White House, elevating the company’s status just a bit!

Recently I checked Google Maps to see what’s left at the site. Gunlocke still exists, as does the station. However the passenger car is gone. And track has been rearranged to the other side of the station. And last I heard, they weren’t getting any freight!

Nothing is permanent except change…


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