While this was taken several autumns ago, the skyline (at the Museum of Science & Industry in Baltimore), is timeless.

And not much has changed. The skyline remains basically the same.

Well, one thing has changed: “the virus”, which severely hampers the world, as well Mandy’s ability to get out and about. Between masks, social distancing, and a general desire to avoid doing anything which could risk exposure to the virus, leaving the house is always a challenge.

True, there are some things which require it, and some which make obtaining a given result easier. It’s tough to get medical attention for some issues without leaving the house. When your printer runs out of ink, it requires either a several-day wait for the new one to arrive, or a trip to a store. And when one lives out it the sticks, when you run out of milk, eggs and so on, there is little choice but to mask up and get in the car.

So let’s all do our part, stay safe and try to beat this thing…stay safe.


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