Another good day!

About 3 weeks before the “toe issue” developed (see previous post). I had to discuss a banking matter with a new bank. It required an in-person visit to get general information. So I showed up, in a stirrup pants outfit, flats, with freshly-done nails and hair, and all my usual accoutrements. The greeter and the teller addressed me properly, and referred me to a 50-something female staffer “at a desk.” She had a bit of confusion about my gender at first, but got herself squared away (as to my being female) as we talked.

Then she mentioned that I would need to have the joint-account holder come in with me to accomplish our goal. So I did, a few days later. And introduced her to my wife without hesitation. From some of the small talk which occurred, where she complimented my wife’s jewelry, my nails, and both our outfits, it became obvious that she was either firmly convinced that we were two girls, or was being very accommodating. And hearing “Ms. (enter wife’s first name here)” and Ms. (enter my first name here)”, it really seemed like she was “with the program.”

One more trip to the bank was required to finish the paperwork. I went without wifey, as her presence was not required this time. And without hesitation, I was addressed as Ms. _________.

Wow…a good day for sure!



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