Too much of nothing.

Not much has been happening lately…you can tell that’s the case, by the paucity of posts about excursions or adventures in this blog.

And I suspect that’s pretty much universal, due to the virus issue – like Chicken Man, “It’s Everywhere, It’s Everywhere.” And unlike some people in high places, who seem to think having lots of people out and about getting infected at superspreader events (while waiting for Herd Immunity to develop) is the best course of action, wifey and I will continue to try to avoid getting caught up in the virus. We don’t have any desire to knowingly play Russian Roulette!

We’ve scaled back all unnecessary traveling and trips to stores. Recently we’ve been putting only about $30 total of gas in our cars per month, instead of over $100, and our other bills have shrunk “majorly.” That’s great news, since we’re retired. Masks are needed everywhere, including when we visited the ballot collection box (in front of the Board of Elections to deposit our absentee ballots.) Stores here all require them. Even visits to see the kids are carefully considered first, and data is analyzed before leaving. Thus far, none of those have needed to be cancelled…keep your fingers crossed.

Full-fledged, multi-day Mandy excursions will most likely not see the light of day in the near future. But if that “near future” holds a solo trip across the bridge, and I can pull my black skirt on over my stirrup pants…or capris, if the weather isn’t too cold, a Quickie Mandy trip may happen. Masks can eliminate the need for a lot of makeup, but I can find my way clear to apply a light coat of foundation and lipstick in the car. Unfortunately, my multi-day fall antique show is toast, as have been pretty much all local car shows. And my annual January trip died already, as well. So, unfortunately, Mandy is SOL ( translation: S**t Out of Luck) for a while.

Yes, I’m still wearing dresses, and barefooted (or wearing flats) around the house, my hair is still long and my nails are done…the only constants right now. I truly envy my blogger friends who have the freedom to stay girlie much of the time. (And I pray for their continued well-being.) Perhaps some day soon, I’ll get to enjoy a taste of that freedom as well!

Till then, stay healthy!


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