It’s about time..

It looks as though I will soon need to cross the bridge for a couple of errands. I’ll take the necessary precautions (lots of hand sanitizer, staying away from other people, and wearing a mask.)

I’m hoping to sort of turn at least part of this into a Mandy event, even though I won’t be able to put on much makeup since I’m not going to be home alone. At this point, I’m figuring on wearing my white shorts, and I may try to find a convenient corn field, change to my white skort (old style – looks like shorts from the back and a skirt from the front.) A file picture is below, from mid-2016.

There’ll be a couple of differences from typical Mandy events…my toe nails will be pedicured and painted white, and I’ll be wearing a pair of sandals, to put them on display. I’ll likely be wearing a non-polo-type of top, to accentuate the necklace and earrings.

Update after the excursion: I didn’t wear the skort at all. Everything else went just fine. At all destinations, I was addressed appropriately to my appearance. And it was wonderful to be able to partially transform into Mandy for a few hours. Such is the way it is with the virus issue still going strong!


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