OMG – another wonderful day!

On the way to my recent hairdresser appointment in a nearby town, I had to run two other errands, thus making it a very busy day this week. Wearing white capris, the black boatneck tunic and my white sandals (for some reason wifey’s objection to men wearing white shoes has not come up in a long time), and the required “virus mask”, my first stop was to make a delivery to a nonprofit charity in another town, first thing in the morning.

When I arrived, I carried in the first small package of donations, and the lady in charge (50something) acknowledged me as female. While I was talking with her, the maintenance guy didn’t hesitate for a second. He trotted out to the car, and brought the two big boxes into the building within two minutes, saying “I left the small stuff for you ladies… And when I thanked him, he said “don’t want ladies to lift things that heavy, Ma’am!” Wow…I sure do love being a girl! “Well sir, I just want you to know that I appreciate it a lot!” I kept talking with the lady in charge for a few minutes, then thanked her and went on my way, still on a bit of a “high’ from apparent complete acceptance as a female.

Next stop was a big box store, to look for a shredder and a desk chair. The first clerk I spoke with about shredders interpreted me as female, and referred me to the clerk who sells them. He, too referred to me as female, and was able to answer my questions. Unfortunately the shredder I would have purchased was out of stock, so I had to find the first clerk again, to inquire about chairs. When I located him, he continued to address me as female – a wonderful situation.

When I finally found the chair I wanted, it was out of stock. There was a floor model, and since I didn’t want to put a kit together, that was fine with me! He commented that ladies don’t usually want to assemble chairs, so I decided to ask for the assembly fee to be eliminated from the price on a floor model chair. And he did that when he got to the cash register. Fabulous! $35 off the price! And my now-used-for-females name confirmed my gender to him!

You could have knocked me over with a feather when he told me to go get my car and he would bring it out for me. I did, and when I went around to the back to open up the tailgate, he lifted it in. “Ladies shouldn’t have to do things like this!” I thanked him for taking care of me. “Any time, Ma’am!” And when I got home after all my errands, I got it out of the back of the car by myself, BUT found he was right. Girls shouldn’t do this heavy stuff. Fortunately, gravity helped me lift it down. It was extremely heavy! Wifey and I struggled to get it up the steps and into the house..

The above took a lot less time than I thought it would. Before showing up for my hair appointment I had sufficient time to visit a nearby inlet, and grab a quick photo, below:

My hair appointment went fine. They all know my birth gender, but I typically don’t look much like a guy, thus they don’t use gendered greetings, simply choosing to call me by my now-100%-female first name. Fine with me!

My beautician has long hair, but today she had a “new ‘do.” She put her hair up in a neat-looking bun. I make a sloppy high bun in my own hair over night on occasion, but it never stays. I was telling her about it, and she decided to show me how to make one by myself. It’s not hard, but I would definitely have to do makeup, and be more diligent at wearing earrings (I never wear them when wifey is around) if I wore a high bun during the daytime. I was surprised that she wanted to show me how to do one!

Will wonders never cease?


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