Once in a while…

It even happens at home.

We had an arborist come by to look at some problems with a few of our trees. Around here, the bagworms (no, not tent caterpillars with the white ‘tents” up in deciduous tree, but little brown bags with a caterpillar inside, located on the ends of evergreen branches) have been very bad this year, and they’ve eaten a lot of the needles on one of the trees.

I contacted a local tree service, and was addressed as sir, even once they had my now-used-by-females first name. Guess the voice is still male, no matter what I do to disguise it. We set up an appointment for the arborist to come by the next morning.

When I got up for the appointment, I wore white capris, my black pleated v-neck blouse, and my flats – in case I had to go out in the yard. The arborist rang the bell, and when I answered, he did not use a gender-specific greeting. No issue whatsoever, just no such greeting. And that was fine.

As it turned out, I seemingly caused some confusion. In the correspondence and quotation which we subsequently received, we were listed as Ms. and Ms. Needless to say, I do not plan to correct them. And when they come out to do the work, we’ll see what greeting they use for both of us!


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