Today was fun…

Today I was at the store, during a drive I was giving the antique car to get it some exercise. (Found a couple of issues which need fixed, but that’s a story for another day.)

I was wearing white shorts with 3″ inseam, a black boatneck tunic with feminine (just-below-the-elbow-length) sleeves, my black sandals with white toe nails visible, smooth legs and pink fingernails, and a mask (the virus is still around.) My purse was still in the car and I was not wearing any rings or other jewelry..

A guy stopped me at the car, asked my first name and gave me his, then started to ask questions, and we had quite a discussion going. Fun. But I noticed after he heard my name, he addressed me as “Ma’am” – that is, until he began to address me as “Miss (insert my now-exclusively-female given name here.) It was very flattering…but in the end, I think there was at least some amount of truth to my initial thought that he was “chatting me up.” I had to be back home soon, thus I was able to excuse myself to run into the store to do my shopping, with no issue. (And the car was not damaged…)

I credit my finger and toe nails, with the addition of my feminine real name, for the outcome. But whatever the reason, it was fun!

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