White Nail Polish and Beer

Wearing my sandals with black toe nails has been very uneventful.

I believe it has enhanced my being seen as female by passers-by, clerks, and so on. But it was time for a pedicure. Based on wifey’s earlier comments, she would prefer no nail polish, but was ready for the black polish to go away in favor of white.

So off to the salon for my appointment. Though interactions were basically non-existent (the rush to the salon is pretty much over), it was fun to see my new color appear! The end result is shown here:

I’ve worn them out and about a bit today, and there were no issues whatsoever, from the wife or otherwise. I’m liking what I see, but the truth will be told when wife and I go out. If she insists on closed toe shoes, then we’ll know!

Regarding the toilet paper conundrum from a couple of months ago, our local stores are now beginning to have stock on the shelves. What a change from earlier this year! Didn’t look for yeast, which was also in short supply back then. Apparently that shortage was not as a result of a bread shortage, causing many folks to bake their own bread.

Allegedly they were making homemade BEER!

More later,


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