When was the last time you saw one of these?

Back in July of 2002, we were out and about in the antique car, driving east on the Lincoln Highway (US 30) in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Much to our surprise, on our right appeared a beautiful antique gas station, just waiting for us to pull in and “fill ‘er up!

This is Roadside Americana at its finest. As with many things in our 21st century big-box economy, some things just blend together. Typically a gas station stop looks the same, regardless of where you are.

On that note, seeing this Art Deco gem of a service station, Dunkle’s Gulf on the Lincoln Highway was a real treat. This station dates back to 1933 and is a world famous landmark. One of the few gas stations that remains from that era and one of a few, if not the only, gas station that remains in the art-deco style. Simply stunning.

I understand that it’s still there. So, one day soon, we may get back there!

Travel on…


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