California 2007! Vol. 3.5 More Monterey and Cannery Row…

Adding a few more pictures of Cannery Row in Monterey, CA from our 2007 trip! I took a quick run down Cannery Row via Google Maps a few hours ago, and didn’t see much that I recognized. Probably names have been changed, redecorations have happened, etc.

So unfortunately, these pictures are all I have. The day was beautiful, and so was the scenery!

I think it’s either a hotel or a high end condo…
Looks like a fun place to stay (or better yet, live.)
Definitely high-end.

I don’t eat many sardines – how about you?

Palm trees give it such a tropical look!

This restaurant is the only thing I could find that I could recognize. It’s now a high end restaurant, with prices as high up as the boat is off the ground. Bet it’s tasty – and for the prices in the on-line menu, it better be!

Now, on with the rest of the tour..,.


2 thoughts on “California 2007! Vol. 3.5 More Monterey and Cannery Row…

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never much liked sardines. There’s a description of the canneries in Stenbeck’s novel that’s likely to put anyone off them! Sue x


    1. Funny you should mention not liking sardines. “dead fish looking back at you.” Years ago when I lived at home, Mom ordered a pizza, and instead of anchovies, ordered sardines on them. I could almost tolerate the taste of anchovies…but the sardines went over to her plate. LOL!

      Hugs, Mandy


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