To the salon at last…

There were no further interruptions on the way to the beauty salon. Even the traffic was running in my favor! (That’s very rare!)

When I arrived, my hairdresser was running a bit late, thus I had to wait. The staff knows my true gender; nobody has an issue with my feminine appearance. And, I was soon was sitting in the chair.

From prior discussions with my tech, I know she has issues similar to mine, with both big toe nails being badly cracked, and she wears them patched with acrylic, just as I do, to avoid having them removed and “possibly not grow back.” But her nails looked a fabulous blue today, and she was wearing some skimpy, very cute – and obviously feminine – sandals. I complimented her about both of them. She returned the favor about my black nails. And somewhat surprisingly, she told me where she got her sandals “in case you want to get yourself a pair. Too bad we’re not the same shoe size – I’d have you try them on! They’d look so pretty on you.” Wow…

Then she asked if I’ve considered white polish yet. (I haven’t.) She suggested talking with my nail tech to see if they have a white polish which will fully disguise the damaged areas because ”White will go very well with any sandals, as well as with any outfit, light or dark…it’s a great neutral. You’ll love it, maybe even for your fingers. You still have your weddings and funerals pants suit, right?” “Yes, it’s women’s, dark gray elastic waist pocketless pants and a matching jacket with faux pockets.” “OK then, a white blouse, perhaps with lace or satin at the neck, a pair of dark flat sandals, with white finger and toe nails for contrast, and you would look gorgeous.” I told her that I would ask her, and it’s possible that the next time she sees me, I might be sporting white toe nails. “But don’t count on fingers – at least not for now…”

When I got home, I specifically asked wifey if she likes the black color on my toes. She said that it was much better than the original turquoise. For local wear, it’s not a problem, but “I’m not a fan of black for our travels.” Since wifey knows the reason why I must keep them polished, I mentioned my hairdresser’s suggestion about white, and asked if she would prefer that to the black. She didn’t have to think about it for long, and then much to my total shock and absolute amazement, said she really would prefer to see them all painted white. “Since we’re in sandal season now, and you’re going to be wearing sandals all summer, white is perfectly summery. You’ll look cool and comfortable in everything you wear.”

Hallelujah! Not wanting to push my luck, I didn’t pursue white gel for my fingers…not yet, anyway. Thus, white is the direction I’ll go with my next pedicure! And hopefully the finished product will meet with her approval…for wherever I or we go. LOL!


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