New Kicks!

I’d been looking for a pair of flats similar to my other ones for some time. If something fits, get another – all too soon fashions change and you can’t find them any more.

An ad showed up for these, by the same maker, and in my size, no less;

When I showed my wife, she was fine with getting them, “with pantyhose they’ll dress up both shorts and capris, and with your stirrup leggings, will almost make them a dressy outfit! Needless to say, I bought them…and it’s looking like I’ll be able to wear them out and about.

At least at some point when the virus issue resolves itself!

Two ‘half days’ in them (with pantyhose) tell me that they’re comfortable, though 3/4 of a day wearing them barefoot have me questioning that. Maybe I solve that problem by staying in pantyhose – I can do that! They’ll look nice with light-colored skirts and dresses on my excursions, as well as shorts, capris and pants at home!

More later,


2 thoughts on “New Kicks!

  1. For me pantyhose make the outfit and complete the look of the show and leg. Bare feet in shoes just seem a bit wrong. Just my humble opinion


    1. I totally agree…however at times in flats they are unnecessary…such as visiting the kids and their folks, who between them have seven cats and a 175 pound Great Dane. Kinda hard on pantyhose! Or, working on the car…


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