Longer skirt, or shorter???

I stopped by the auto parts store where there “used to be” a male clerk who wore a skirt to work, so I could buy a new taillight bulb for the antique car.  Last time I stopped in, she wasn’t there.   This time, she wasn’t there either.  So the odds are beginning to indicate a possible job change occurred, for whatever reason.

Too bad I never got to meet the individual…   Maybe I should stop by the other parts store in town…who knows, that may be her new employer!

When I showed pictures of my new longer skirt outfit to my mother (I’ve shared with her about my dressing – fortjunately she forgets everything before I hit the front door on the way out), she told me that she didn’t care for it because it was too long.  I expected that response, based on what I previously heard about my tan long skirt outfit when I showed her pictures me wearing it.  But I told her that longer skirts are in style right now.  (She obviously doesn’t keep up with the news, watch much on the telly, or see what other visitors to the nursing home wear.)    Needless to say, she didn’t believe it.   So while there, I went on-line to some of the women’s sites where I shop, and “voila!”  the proof…long skirts predominantly comprised the first few pages of women’s skirts.   In addition, I showed her that there were some of the shorter skirts for sale, but she seemed to prefer those over the longer ones.

“If you are going to wear a skirt, then I like this type of outfit, probably with sandals having a bit of heel.” 

Description: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-T0U_sbBdOoo/VvbWTlkCheI/AAAAAAAACok/4-MP732dlpATGkUFccd245rYFehK93AMg/s400/SAM_0435.JPG

instead of this:

Description: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-exbzec7zs7Q/VvbWmQ5tBPI/AAAAAAAACoo/xsVpCzKxga0DZTHaVuNj-a7E2Jq1tTEBQ/s400/P7130035_2.JPG
Not so much…

And this outfit preferred:


Instead of this:

Description: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-81lP_sPq6X4/VvbW5QMHelI/AAAAAAAACos/eTaeljKj418eol-8s3iROvdx6ZnqKolSg/s400/2014-08-16%2B13.26.25.jpg
Not so much…

“Why could that that be so?” I wondered to myself.

My memory of Mom’s attire in the late 50’s is calf-length dresses  with heels almost all the time, the June Cleaver look.   No pants…  She was a “management wife” for Dad, with lots of fancy parties.  I was given the “privilege” (if you can call it that) of going dress shopping with her, since she couldn’t leave me at home alone and elected to “not” get a babysitter for me, for whatever reason.  So I spent lots of my free time watching her model her various choices in front of the mirrors, and select her new dresses.

In retrospect I wonder if that “yesterday” was the seed which sprouted into my preferred gender of “today”?   There may never be an answer to that question, but it “could be.”

Come the late 60’s/early 70’s’s, Mom had switched to knee length sundresses, full dresses and skirts.  There are some pictures in my file of her wearing sundresses I’d enjoy wearing today.  One is shown below… love the pretty flowers! (However I’m now heavier than she was then, and this, as well as her other dresses, have been gone for years.)    But at that point in time, I could be – and was – left home alone during those shopping expeditions. And trust me, I used that free time to try on some of her dresses!  

Above is a particularly feminine (if somewhat dated) style and pattern of sundress that I’ve always admired. But even if it were still in her closet, it would be too small for me. I just happen to like it!

Of course,  by the 1970’s  her preferences changed more toward casual pedal pushers/early capri pants/slacks instead of dresses.  She only wore dresses when required for events with Dad’s job, and that wasn’t very often – he was in the process of retiring.   I was grown and on my own by that point, so my observations were rather limited.  

From mid 1990 (July if memory is correct) the rest is history… Heeerrrreee’s Mandy!   I guess that makes her about 30.  Too bad her body doesn’t look that age any more….

So, I guess if I ever make a Halloween visit to Mom at the nursing home, a shorter skirt will be better, especially after she made her preferences known and finally said  “I can see you’re planning to wear a skirt, one way or the other.  So, don’t hide those legs under a long one.  Make sure everyone can see them.” My response: “Even though there may be more comments?”  She looked right at me and said: “You’ll have to answer those.  They’ll be your problem, since you’ll be in a skirt.”   Most likely I won’t refuse that invitation down the road…unless circumstances change.  Maintaining modesty will be more of an issue in my shorter skirts.  If I go that route, I’ll stand when possible, keep my knees together, and hope for the best…

But I’m still planning to wear longer skirts whenever I can…they’re cool and comfortable in hot weather…

At the pharmacy, a new-to-me clerk told me how much she loves my hair…it’s not the first time I’ve heard that, but it is always nice to hear.  Too bad I need to get it colored right now, the roots are beginning to show.  I guess that’s an integral part of having my own long hair (as opposed to many who are thinning or must use wigs) and being fully gray.  Each type of hair (natural and artificial) has its own pros and cons…

Rest assured gray is not willingly going to happen – it would take major medical issues – either involving losing my hair, or preventing making trips to the salon, to cause it.  I’m not willing to let my hair “go natural” – which will add 5 to 10 years to my apparent age.  But…who knows what the future will bring?

More later…


6 thoughts on “Longer skirt, or shorter???

  1. As is often the case, I’m catching up with several of your posts at once.
    Lovely to see lots of photos of you in your skirts. They all look fine to me and suit you well but as one dressing agency pointed out to me, if you’ve got legs why not show them off, and I moved to knee-length skirts rather than calf-length ones.
    As for MAC, I had a number of consultations and makeovers with them and they are always genuine and helpful, although you need to take care that they don’t sell you too much very expensive stuff! Sue x


  2. I have the basic view that knee length works for almost anyone at any age. We are all to old to wear anything that ends too far above the knee and knee length is both casual and professional.
    Longer lengths tend to be a bit bohemian. Many of us can get away with the longer length skirts because we are tall. Calf length or longer do not work for short folks. It makes it look like they are walking in a ditch.
    I can appreciate the modesty benefit of a longer skirt. On one of my recent outings I wore a knit dress that when standing stopped about 1-2″ above my knees. When perched on a bar stool it was hard to keep it down. I am glad I had a slip on since that did keep it from riding up too much.
    I enjoy the dress and skirt related discussions you have with your mother. I find it kind of cute.


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